New Book: The deliverance delusion Exposing the Curse Deliverance Myth

New Book: The deliverance delusion Exposing the Curse Deliverance Myth

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The Deliverance Delusion

Curse deliverance has joined the long line of pop Christian fads, but unlike others that have come and gone, this one has survived across decades and shows no signs of slowing. It is a growing movement, and it is dangerous. Curse deliverance insidiously demeans many of the central truths of the Gospel while introducing heresies into the Church. Individuals seeking relief from their problems believe this practice can help, but it is a useless placebo and is void of the power of God.


Want Answers?

My name is Patrick Rhodes. I began writing this book over six years ago, knowing the Scripture does not support the practice of curse deliverance.  While my position on that is stronger than ever, my study revealed many of my other ideas about curses were wrong. 

Most of what most people think about curses, especially generational curses, has nothing to do with the Bible. While the Bible does have a lot to say on the subject, the curse deliverance teachers torture the Scripture to wrench out interpretations to support their practice. This book takes a much different perspective than others.

Curses, The Deliverance Delusion provides answers to the following questions:

  • What is a curse?
  • Are there examples of curse deliverance in the Scripture?
  • Can our speech cause curses?
  • Is it possible to inherit a generational curse from our ancestors?
  • Can "confessing the sins of our ancestors" break generational curses?
  • Does satan curse?

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